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MOA Coffee Co.

MOA Coffee Co is for lovers of life who are here to make their days count. Their mission is to change lives, one coffee at a time.


Branding, Identity, Packaging, Art Direction





MOA Coffee Co. is a coffee subscription with a difference.

50% of MOA Coffee Co. profits go straight to our charity partner, LifeChanger, who work to address challenges youth face today. Every subscription supports LifeChanger programs which build self-esteem and awareness, positive self-identity and resilience in today's youth.

We had the pleasure of embarking on MOA Coffee Co.'s brand journey from the early stages of the business' conception. We were invited to create a logo, visual strategy, art direction and packaging... and  product tasting! YUM!


Driven by the brief's statement 'making small meaningful changes that collectively make a massive difference' we created a comprehensive identity that felt real, grounded, honest and 'comfortable in your own skin'.

We enjoy working with clients who are passionate to make positive change and we love to be a collaborative part of the journey.

As branding specialist and a graphic designer, there's nothing better that building a cohesive brand kit and watching the brand grow through the client's own interpretation.


Hey Beautiful

Smooth / Deep / Truthful

That generous soul you work with. That fun but grounded friend you can’t spend enough time with. That big heart and warm hug. 


Wild Child

Vibrant / Adventurous / Unapologetic

For the adventurous soul. Life is to be lived. You are all about finding new frontiers to explore, of things to create, of experiences to share. 

Little Wonder

Discerning / Strong / Alluring

You know who you are. You stand in your truth. Your light shows those around you what’s possible. You write your own story.


The Realist

Rich / Calm / Confident

The cheeky choice when you have just enough spice but need some sugar. The 'go to' for when life is full to the brim but, there are still rides to enjoy.


"The first conversation I had with Xanthe I knew that she got what we were setting out to achieve. She was able to elicit from me the essence of what was really important, of how we wanted our beautiful customers to feel when they saw our brand and bought our products. The layers of design, how Xanthe was able to marry earthiness, simplicity but a timeless feel was remarkable. The alignment of our brand, our vision, who we are and what we are on a mission to achieve is truly seamless. That for me is the measure of success - when you work with someone who understands more than you verbalise and delivers more than you can imagine."


Lyndell Fogarty – MOA Coffee Co.

Co-founder and Chief Change Maker

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