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The Ponds School

The Ponds School is purpose built for students with intellectual disabilities, located in The Ponds, Sydney.


Branding, Identity, Illustration





The Ponds School supports students with moderate or severe intellectual disabilities providing quality, individualised and meaningful education in a safe and caring environment. The Ponds School offers learning opportunities through the inclusion of state of the art technology, a hydrotherapy pool and specialised playground equipment for students K-12.

We were asked to create an identity and brand for The Ponds School that was fundamentally positive, soothing, modern and inclusive. The logo had to portray a frog climbing, representative of students' developmental transition through the school. 

We love this piece as part of our graphic design portfolio because we had a really fun and collaborative design process with the entire school coming onboard for the planning and decision-making.


Frankie the Frog - Mascot

Three frog illustrations were created to help facilitate and support The Ponds School's many learning programmes.

'Frankie the Frog' is a friendly, charismatic and engaging character whom the students respond positively towards. He is a well-loved feature throughout the school appearing on large murals, banners, signage and student materials.

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