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Hoppo's Milkbar

Hoppo's Milkbar is a late-70’s to mid-80s themed milk bar with ice cream, milkshakes, lolly counters, and pinball machines, located in Mayfield, Newcastle NSW.


Branding, Illustration





Hoppo's is suburban milkbar…about 50 years too late – but that's the point. Specialising in homemade ice cream, milkshakes, lolly counters, loaded hot spuds and great coffee, Hoppo's is the eclectic mix of good wholesome food alongside a variety of community initiatives.

The brief for Hoppo's was to create a caricature logo and 80's retro style brand identity that would vibrant, cheerful and fun. The branding needed to be flexible across a range of different applications.

The logo is a portrait of the client's late father-in-law and local community legend 'Les Hopton' in an 80's American milkbar/Diner style. 

As a logo designer, a brief like this is really special – we understand and respect how deeply personal the project is for our clients and we always strive to deliver above expectations. It is a great privilege to be able to design a logo and brand identity that will bring our clients so much joy.

Hoppos Coffee


Les Hopton or 'Hoppo' was a local legend. He lived for all of the little Australian suburban rituals and was a self-appointed leading appraiser of hot chips and vanilla milkshakes.


Hoppo's was created in his memory by his family who are passionate about keeping Les's spirit alive by reviving and reinvigorating all of those little suburban rituals and community connections that centered on the local milk bar.

The illustration for the logo is a digital contoured caricature-style portrait of Les wearing an old school soda jerk uniform, supported by a flowing neon style wordmark that one would see in an 80's diner.

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