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Emergent Group

Specialised engineering and technical sciences companies collaborating to deliver innovative solutions.


5x Portfolio Rebrand, Branding Workshop and Strategy, Identity, Graphic Suite, Website Design, EDM design, Stationery, Iconography, Launch Animation Video, Vehicle, Brochures, Pitch Templates, Reports, Social Media, Press Ads




Emergent Group is a dynamic partnership of highly specialised technical sciences companies built on the belief that Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Manufacturing (STEM&M) technology and innovation can provide the means to secure Australia’s future.

Dare to be... BOLD developed an extensive branding system designed to integrate and yet individualise the unique properties of Emergent Group and its subsequent Portfolio of Brands: Advitech, Novecom, Acubis and SMS.

Where we started

Since 1988, Emergent Group has been evolving. From humble beginnings as a Newcastle-based speciality engineering firm, Advitech eventually evolved, created and acquired new businesses to become one of Australia's most trusted collaborations of specialised engineering, environmental and technical sciences companies.


As the lead company, Advitech created 'The Advitech Group' that became the umbrella brand for its supporting companies. 

The member companies under this umbrella are: 

Advitech - Engineering and Environmental Consulting

Novecom - Monitoring, Sensors and IoT

Acubis - Remote Communications

SMS - Simulation Modelling

Dare to be... BOLD was invited to assess the current brand situation and through the workshopping and discovery phase we identified that there was brand confusion about 'The Advitech Group' and 'Advitech' brands – both externally and internally. We learned that each identity held little-to-no relevance or resonance to each company's business function and values, and overall the current situation did not present the brands as being modern, confident, innovative, and collaborative.

We identified typographical issues in the font readability across all logos and legacy design inconsistencies that had occurred from minor iterations over time. There was no long-term brand strategy or plan for the future business growth.

The Advitech Group Former Branding
Emergent Group Phthalo Blue Background Treated

Our initial objective was to simply freshen up the identities and bring the colour palette in line.
Upon our assessment, this objective changed to a complete brand overhaul.

The Advitech Group is now Emergent Group.


Emergence Theory

In philosophy, systems theory, science and art, ‘emergence’ occurs when an entity is observed to have properties its parts do not have on their own. Such properties or behaviours emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole.

The name ‘Emergent Group’ derives from the phenomenon of ‘emergence’ – operating as a complex ecosystem of interactions with individual moving parts coming together to work as a collective whole. All companies that fall under the Portfolio of Brands is a member of Emergent Group, working closely alongside its counterparts for stronger outcomes. Emergent Group is the central nexus between its Portfolio of Brands. 

Emergent Group Portfolio of Brands
Emergent Group Logo
Novecom Logo
Acubis Logo
SMS Logo

Master Insignia

The Master Insignia is the core foundational graphic that is the basis of every logo motif within Emergent Group’s Portfolio of Brands. Different segments are activated and then composed to create the individual brand motifs. The segments are also used as deconstructed graphical elements to reinforce the brand style throughout different media applications.


By using this approach, we were able to create tailored, unique and resonating brand identities for each of the individual companies, and a consistent and dynamic graphic style that works across the entire portfolio.

Emergent Group Brand Master Insignia

Animated videos

Emergent Group Launch Video

Advitech 30 second brand boost

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